Michael Fuentespina, War in Afghanistan, Age 48

Michael Fuentespina | Chief Warrant Officer, Canadian Armed Forces Health Services Group Headquarters, Royal Canadian Air Force | Served in Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States, Afghanistan and Bosnia | Received the following medals for his service: NATO-FY (Former Yugoslavia); CPSM (Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal); CD (Canadian Decoration); QDJM (Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal); GCS (General Campaign Star – Afghanistan); and MMM (Member of the Order of Military Merit)

Fuentespina shares one of the more jarring and unsettling memories from his 2008 tour of duty, when he served as a member of the Counter-IED’s Advisory Response Team during the War in Afghanistan. Nine years after that tour ended, Fuentespina was officially diagnosed with PTSD.