Unspoken, Now Told: Soldier Stories

First-Person Accounts from the Battlefield

Many of the stories you’re about to hear have been left unspoken … until now.

What is often omitted from history books – the first-person accounts from the battlefield – is chronicled here for the sake of posterity. The footage chronicled in Unspoken, Now Told: Soldier Stories is part of an ongoing mission to document the wartime stories of America’s military veterans.

Beginning with World War II (WWII) and progressing through the military conflicts that followed, this unique video series shares the voices of the men and women who fought and sacrificed so much for our freedom.


Unspoken Now Told Presents: We Are Home

Vietnam veterans were neglected when they returned home. This film is an attempt to right that wrong.

Please visit www.honorflightlongisland.org to donate to Honor Flight Long Island!

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Unspoken Now Told Presents: We’re in Uniform

Some African American soldiers experienced racism in the military, Honor Flight Long Island is righting that wrong, this is Donald Nobles story…

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Mike Cotts, Age 49

Michael Cotts | Sergeant Major, 4th Engineer Support Regiment, Canadian Armed Forces | Served in Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia and Afghanistan | Received the following medals for his service: Kuwait Campaign Medal, Bosnia Campaign Medals, Somalia Campaign Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Peacekeeping Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration

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Michael Fuentespina, War in Afghanistan, Age 48

Michael Fuentespina | Chief Warrant Officer, Canadian Armed Forces Health Services Group Headquarters, Royal Canadian Air Force | Served in Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States, Afghanistan and Bosnia | Received the following medals for his service: NATO-FY (Former Yugoslavia); CPSM (Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal); CD (Canadian Decoration); QDJM (Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal); GCS (General Campaign Star – Afghanistan); and MMM (Member of the Order of Military Merit)

Fuentespina shares one of the more jarring and unsettling memories from his 2008 tour of duty, when he served as a member of the Counter-IED’s Advisory Response Team during the War in Afghanistan. Nine years after that tour ended, Fuentespina was officially diagnosed with PTSD.

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