Unspoken, Now Told: War in Afghanistan

Hello, I’m Jane Hanson… I’m proud to bring you the stories of military heroes … their words never heard before — in this compelling series … Unspoken, Now Told: Soldier Stories.

In this edition of the film series, you’ll meet three military veterans – one American and two Canadian – each of whom bravely served during the War in Afghanistan … a multi-nation effort that continues to this day.

What you’re about to see are the first-hand accounts of modern military combat – stories that are not commonly told on the nightly news. Lesser known are the tales of how a soldier transitions back into civilian life after facing the ravages of war.

While it may be difficult to watch these personal accounts of the physical and emotional toil that war can inflict, you will come away with a deeper understanding of the sacrifices our veterans are willing to make in order to keep us safe.

Identifying and managing PTSD on the Homefront is a daily struggle. Each of these stories presents three unique narratives, which detail a soldier comes to grips with learning and understanding their diagnosis and how they sought help.

Historically speaking, war veterans have spoken little, if at all, about the mental anguish they endure. Only in recent times has PTSD entered into the vernacular.

Today, many soldiers are willing to talk openly about their personal experiences with this debilitating condition. By doing so, they are helping to bring PTSD out in the open so that their fellow veterans can follow by their example on the path to healing.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering in silence – know that there are resources available to help you manage and cope with PTSD.