World War II (1939 – 1945)

World War II was fought by the majority of the world’s countries, and was fought in virtually all corners of the globe. The great powers were divided into two alliances: the Allies (including United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and China,) and the Axis (including Nazi Germany, Kingdom of Italy and Empire of Japan). The war was fought in many theatres, chiefly the Atlantic and Pacific, lasting over six years. Along with scores of battlefield causalities due to advances in warfare weaponry, WWII also shed light on the heinous acts perpetrated during the Holocaust and saw the first usage of nuclear bombs — marking it as the deadliest military conflict in recorded history (with some records totaling 85 million fatalities). Ultimately, the Allies triumphed; leading to the annihilation of Nazi Germany and the dissolution of the Italian and Japanese empires.

Unspoken Now Told (Short Film)

“Hello. I’m Jane Hanson, and I’m proud to bring you the stories of our nations heroes, their words never heard before, in this compelling series “Unspoken, Now Told: Soldier Stories.” The footage that you’re about to watch is part of an on-going mission to document the wartime stories of our nation’s military veterans, from World War II through today’s conflicts, all in the voices of the men and the women who fought for our freedom, facing down enemies poised to change our way of life. First in the series, this moving and thought-provoking video gives us a new look into the World War II experience through previously undocumented first-person accounts. Each story is told by the solider himself. Many of these stories have been left unspoken, until now.”

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