Thomas Trabucco, WWII Veteran, Age 90

Thomas Trabucco | Private First Class, U.S. Army, U.S. 4th Infantry Division / Expert Gunner & Carbine Marksman, U.S. Air Force | Served in France, Germany, Belgium and England during WWII | Received the following medals for his service: Bronze Star, Special Combat Infantryman Badge and New York State Conspicuous Service Star

Mr. Trabucco’s regiment landed just north of Utah Beach on June 6, 1944, a main battle area in Normandy, France. There was a tremendous loss of U.S. soldiers during that battle, but his regiment prevailed and participated in the liberation of Paris, France.

“They told us to start to move out. This is on Utah beach. We started to move up and we saw a little path. We went up this little path. And there we saw the hedgerows. The hedgerows were pretty steep. You never know who is on the other side of it. Could be Germans that might be there. You don’t know. But, luckily, there was nothing there. And our objectives, objective was now … The German division started their assault, trying to make a wedge between Utah beach and Omaha beach. But then our 37 millimeters and 5 millimeters – there was a tank coming out, a couple tanks – disabled that tank. Meantime, we saw the Germans come out of the tank. Then, our fire got them. Behind them, though, was the Infantry, the German Infantry. Then we started firing at the Infantry. Finally, we stopped the advance of that particular attack. We moved further north. Had we been where we were supposed to have landed, I think it might have been a different story. I might not have been here.”

Mr. Trabucco’s infantry landed just north of the Utah Beach, a main battle area in Normandy, France during D-Day. There was a tremendous loss of U.S. soldiers’ lives, yet his infantry prevailed and assisted in the liberation of Paris, France.

“So they threw us all on trucks and we moved towards Paris. And when we were in Paris, finally, we got the word to move in. And when we moved in, boy, was it a beautiful time. Girls would come jumping on the truck with us, giving us bread, giving us wine. We had a good time.”